My Heart Captured Love 

My Soul Evermore Silenced In Awe 

My Eyes Captivatingly Spellbound 

Most Lovingly I Heard, I Perceived, I Saw 

One Loved Child 

One Devoted Mother 

Their Precious Beloved Union 

Beautiful Unlike Any Other 
Rejoice In The Beautiful Inspirational Poetry 


Judy Kathleen Thompson

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What  Spirits  My  Heart  To  Sing  Joyfully

♫ ♪ in a child’s song

as we joyfully sing along

in a mother’s eyes


that is my prize

when a newborn cries

when a butterfly flys

when a sullen heart takes flight

then i

with the world

am right ♪ ♫

To All Mothers Everywhere


Judy Kathleen

Judy Kathleen Thompson

That you would know peace
As you fathom these thoughts tonight
That you would experience joy
As you lay your head, out the light
That your dreams would be filled with happiness
That your spirit would soar like a kite
That your heart might ascend on wings of hope 
As your soul takes fanciful flight
That you would never know war
Nor hatred
Nor fright
That you would know far fewer wrongs
And many, many more rights
That you, my friend
Would cherish these wholehearted wishes
And smile. . . . .with delight
These, my heartfelt hopes
For my faithful friends, one and all
May your passions always burn noble
May you answer when you hear the call

M o m e n t   O f   L o v e

My heart at ease
My spirit lay bare
Embarked I upon this journey 
This journey so rare
Upon faithful deliverance 
Of my one and only being
To a place where kindly angels gather
Melodiously sing 
Of gentle hearts in harmony
Of twinkling’s so flawlessly fair  
Ushering my tender spirit compassionately 
Offering my soul sweet loving care
Loving care to all in need
Whose hearts be open wide
Loving care to all indeed
Whose seeking spirits reside
In a place of composed peacefulness 
Blessed kindly by sweet angels above 
In this persuaded time of hopefulness
In this season of kindhearted love
I entered in sans uplifting grin
Whispered a merciful plea
Oh here I am, please take my hand
Won’t you guide and comfort me
Soon heartfelt healing via emotional feelings 
Arose via new dawn this day
As a gentle smile in heaven’s style
Held me tenderly in loving sway
No chant nor tune just kindness in bloom
Embraced my longing spirit whole
Heartily I fell under love’s sympathetic spell
Enraptured so was my yearning soul
So charmed was I that I began to cry
As angels soothed via softhearted prayer
One step at a time ♥ All things in heartfelt rhyme
In this moment of love and loving care

Q u i e t   T i m e

Quiet time
Is when I do
Joyous things
Like think of you
I think about
Our time together
Happy times
Never could life’s ifs’ or whatever’s
Keep love’s sweet radiance
From drenching our hearts
Mother and daughter lovingly
Always a part
Of that beautiful place
Pretty place where
Hearts entwined
Forever care
And words heartspoke
Perpetually chime
Enfold daughter and mother in love’s sweet caress
Oh what beautiful rhyme
As we make merry
In quiet time


As The Pure Maiden Moment
Your Being Bestowed Life Unto Me

As The First Time
I, You So Graciously Adorned, With Cheerful Esprit

As In The Beginning
When Upon My Face You Did So Softly Breathe

In Premier
When Your Fair Smile Gloriously Set My Heart Free

As With Foremost Loving Brushstrokes
Your Heart's Kiss Emblazoned My Soul With Glee

As My Earliest Enchanted Memory
Of Mother. . . . .Dear Mother. . . . .Loving Me
L O V E   I S

. . . . . Love is . . . . .  
a voyager  
it travels 
in a blur 
  round and round
 never to deter
that all who receive  
be comforters and cherishers 
. . . . . Love is . . . . .
for all who’ve a need  
of a Savior - Fashioner - Harborer  
of a precious seed 
sown within the heart 
most certainly be happier conjurers of all things earthly 
whilst love would surely supersede
via lovelier merrier nobler deed
kindlier - giddier - friendlier - likelier
this world would most certainly be
as all, every thing
is promised
to every brother, every sis
with words that are
truly HIS 
  . . . . . Love is . . . . .

F o r   E m i l y

For Love is the magic that makes the trick click 
  Love is the spring that winds wonderfully to happy the heart tock tick ~  
Love is the essence that flavors life’s tasties so tasty right 
  Love is the potion that gets us through the day and into the night ~
Love is the wonder that conjures wonderful 
Love is the force that so wondrously pulls ~
People together, from faraway lands 
God’s cozy children, cozily holding hands ~
If only fleetingly, forever etched upon the soul 
Love makes friends of strangers as they lovingly stroll ~
Through Life and times together, till livelong days are done
Love is the glue that tickles me-n-you in ticklish unison ~
As madcap and merrily we make magic music all the daylong  
Love, oh yes, only Love, keeps us strong ~ 
Striving we be always, with sights set on high heaven above
Merrily making our way merrier, all things forever with Love ~